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Rainbow Bridge
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Arjun 06/02/2006 - 04/15/2014 Arjun our wonderful GSD died at age 7 yrs after a brief battle with lymphoma. He has touched so many lives and because of his sweet nature got so many families to adopt dogs. We will miss him forever

We lost our Nikki (GSRA class of 2005) on 03/17/2014. The wear on her body from congenital hip dysplasia and EPI was just too much and she went to the Bridge. We had her for nine wonderful years and miss her terribly but we know we'll see her again at the Bridge. RIP my Nikki Doodle.

GSRA Class of 2003. She made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday. She provided me with 10 years of joy and love and was kind to many GSRA fosters that passed thru our home. She was big sister to Rose and Willow. She will be missed by us all. Run free Anna and Ivan……together again

In December of 2006 we rescued Duke from the animal shelter. He had just turned 3 years old. Reality is that he rescued us! Duke was a sweet boy who enjoyed just being with his family and loved having his picture taken. My children at the time were 14 and 6. Duke loved our cat Salem too. In 2009 we moved from Florida to North Carolina and Duke found a new love...Snow! Duke was the man of the house and he loved and protected each one of us but it was clear that he truly was my daughter's dog. He would not take his eyes off of her :) This past week we had to put Duke to sleep. He was ridden with arthritis and was not able to get around and we could not stand to see him suffer. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. He got to enjoy his 10th birthday which was Thanksgiving day and one more Christmas with us. We are so sadden by his death. Our home has a empty void that cannot be described. I know he is our Guardian Angel in Heaven and is still protecting us.

Our family adopted Shawnee from the German Shepherd Rescue in 2006. She was a great dog who gave us so much love, friendship, loyalty, and joy. We hope we gave her as much love and happiness and she gave us. Shawnee died unexpectedly only after 6 years with us. They were six wonderful years. We wish we could have had more years with her. You will be in our hearts forever. We love and miss you so much.

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