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We are so sad to tell you Hank passed away peacefully at home this afternoon, after a 6 month battle with cancer. Palliative radiation, a few chemotherapies, and excellent Western and Eastern medicine kept him comfortable and with us as long as possible. He was 11 1/2. Hank came to live with us 3 years ago from German Shepherd Rescue in Raleigh. He was a survivor of many things-8 plus years of neglect before being rescued and placed with the rescue group, heart worms, heart worm treatment, and most recently this past February, gastric dilation volvulus (commonly known as "twisted stomach"), which he recovered from fully. He had the protection gene for sure, but he was a gentle soul. He was always so tolerant of his two cats, although we believe they taught him the bad habit of walking under your feet, and he was very gentle with children and toddlers who wanted to pet him. He learned the joys of walking in the creek from his dog friend Catch, he experienced excellent hikes, mountains, rivers, lakes, snow, and even the beach. He enjoyed socializing at the dog park and was interested in meeting all dogs, big and small. As old as he was, I wish you could have seen his face when he made the acquaintance of a female Great Dane towering a foot taller over him!! His expression was priceless. Too funny. We like to say he had a personal masseuse, chef, driver, and access to the best and (free to him) medical care. He had his own Tempurpedic bed right beside ours. In return, he gave us probably the most gratifying 3-years of our life. Enthusiastic, always happy to see us, eager for a cookie or a car ride, a head rub or a kind word. A constant companion who needed to be in the same room with you always. We could trust him to stick around near us on hikes and at the house, he was fairly Velcro, and we didn't have to worry he'd wander. He had an extended pack including my brother and mother, who were very important in helping watch over Hank when both Rick and I had to work on the same day. He either got checked on or went to one of their houses for "daycare". He was a busy dog with lots of jobs to do! We will miss him terribly and are grateful for every day we had with him. Thanks to all of you who knew him and were part of his life, who rubbed his head, who told him how fabulous he was (it did go to his head a little), and who provided him the best medical care we could ask for. Laurel and Rick

,, You were my devoted partner for almost 12 years , dad will always remember you . My life revolved around you RC , and you lived for me . You gave me more than companionship , I love and miss you so much buddy . Some day we'll meet on rainbow bridge . No other will ever replace you RC , dad loves you . I saves a few toys of yours , the 'teddy bear' , the 'baby toy' ,, and of course , the green tennis ball . ,, I feel those ' kisses ' on my face , dad is always here for you ,

My Dear Furry Friend, Although you were with us for such a short time, you made a difference to many people. You gave unconditional love and understanding. I miss coming home and sitting and telling you how my day went. I miss taking you on car rides to the pet store and having people stop and talk to you. You always had a lick on the cheek or a nudge of your muzzle to let that person know s/he was special. You will be especially missed by my grands who used you as a pillow and read to you. We will meet again and you will be well and strong my dear friend. PS- watch out for Madame (the 21 year old Manx) she will get you into trouble! She was known for that!

Sable passed away at the age of 9 yrs old. she was our life our family and my children's sibling. She was great protector and my best friend . I cant wait to cross that bridge and see you again one day . You will always be in our hearts.

Arjun 06/02/2006 - 04/15/2014 Arjun our wonderful GSD died at age 7 yrs after a brief battle with lymphoma. He has touched so many lives and because of his sweet nature got so many families to adopt dogs. We will miss him forever

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