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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. " -Anatole France


Message From: jodi September 4, 2023
we rescued some abandoned German Shepherd dogs and are happy to see you donate to GSRA when we buy from you. thank you for helping

Message From: Mike Eckardt June 24, 2022
My wife and I are in the early stages of looking for a new furry friend. She is convinced that a GSD would be the best fit for our needs. Looking forward to meeting some of them at one of the GSRA events.

Message From: Andrea Mastin January 12, 2022
Goodluck to all the doggos. Hoping forever homes come soon

Message From: Clinton Dickens January 2, 2022
A good friend, who has had GSD's from this site & recently has adopted a new one, made me aware of this rescue & recommended it highly. My last two dogs have been recuses & have convinced me that rescues make excellent, loyal companions. Both of my previous rescues have been Rottweiler mix. My most recent dog passed away several months ago, so I've reached the stage where I'm beginning the search for my next "best friend". Over the years, I've had several GSD's so I'm aware that they make great companions.

Message From: "Brooklyn" September 18, 2021
Looking forward to the reunion! (I missed out last year) What sort of activities can I participate in? :-)

Message From: Dr. Natalie Newton September 10, 2021
My Shepherd, Liebe (love), needs a friend. Please help her find her bestie as her friend her whole life, a Great Pyrenees, is fading in old age.

Message From: Stephanie September 2, 2021
The dog with the allergies try local honey everyday and it will make a big difference. We did that for years for our German Shepard. It really helped.

Message From: Jack Dixon May 9, 2021
Yesterday May 8 2021 my wife Pam and and our son met the beautiful Gracie Mae. We felt a nice connection at the meet and greet! We just lost our last GSD rescue of 8+ years that we found on site last November. We will fill out the application in hopes of adopting Gracie!

Message From: Lew April 12, 2021
Sure would like to meet Remington! [GSRA Response: We can only arrange meetings with approved adopters. Please attend one our monthly Meet and Greets to visit with our available pups and to speak with some of our volunteers.]

Message From: Tricia and Floyd April 1, 2021

Message From: Jennifer Hughes March 19, 2021
I love looking at all the "sheps". We are still waiting for that special girl that needs us. Age 1 to 3.

Message From: Julie D Anderson March 14, 2021
Beautiful animals. We are almost ready to get another Shepherd, we miss our "Sage" terribly!

Message From: Samantha Laine January 8, 2021
You guys are the best.

Message From: Gina Longo January 2, 2021
I miss my beautiful Shepherds... one day I'll be ready to adopt again! Thanks for taking care of these babies until they find their forever homes.

Message From: GEORGE L DAVIDSON November 29, 2020
Great looking dogs

Message From: Bev and Mike Brenna November 24, 2020
We are interested in and would like a meet and greet with Coral.

Message From: Andrea Chase October 30, 2020
I have been a GSD fan since my first girl (1987!!!). I have a GREAT feeling about Bosco. Although Injust paid the $30.00 adoption fee application, I am unable to find an application form. Please advise next step (so fingers crossed, Bosco will find his forever home with me). Sincere thanks:)! [GSRA: Our applications are currently closed, you are welcome to apply when they are up again on 14Nov]

Message From: Whitney October 18, 2020
I'm a strong believer in rescue foundations and truly appreciate what you're doing for these dogs. I found your site by a stroke of luck after finding a post about Freddy. I'm very interested in giving him a home. Please contact me!

Message From: Kris & Pete September 18, 2020
We are a German Shepherd family and would like to rescue/adopt another one. Please contact us when we can start the application process. Thank you!

Message From: Carolyn C. September 9, 2020
Will the October event be the "reunion" this year? Was looking forward to taking Brooklyn to her first! [GSRA Response: Unfortunately if we do have an event in October it will be a Meet and Greet, we won't be able to do our annual reunion picnic due to the current pandemic:-(]

Message From: Lynne June 27, 2020
Hello, our 11 yr.old female GS/Husky mix needs a playmate because her current buddy has cancer and his time is limited. We were interested in Atreus but see an adoption is pending; so Loki might be just the buddy for her.

Message From: laura May 5, 2020
When adoptions open up I am interested in Griffin

Message From: Lauren April 23, 2020
Hello there! We finally got our yard fenced-in and our current 3-yr-old rescue GSD is such a happy boy to run free! We are looking to get him a buddy. Should I still submit an application or are applications on hold until we get through this quarantine period? Thanks for doing all that you do. Stay safe!! :) [GSRA Response: Apps will be back up on May 8th!]

Message From: Martin Taylor April 17, 2020
Can't wait for my family to adopt a German Shepherd.

Message From: Stewart colley April 14, 2020
Still no adoption applications?! [GSRA: We are sorry for any inconvenience but NC is under mandatory stay at home order and we value the health and safety of our volunteers. We will reassess at the end of the month]

Message From: Greg Wait April 6, 2020
Any word on when adoption applications will be up again? We are interested in meeting Yona. [No word yet]

Message From: Stewart Colley April 2, 2020
I would like to adopt one of your dogs but I can't seem to get a response to my e-messages and I can not find a number to call. As I am considering one of your puppies, a protracted delay will restrict the optimum window for socialization. That concerns me. You seem to be doing very good work. [Our applications are currently closed due to the current COVID-19 situation]

Message From: Louise Bensley March 4, 2020
Where are you located? I would be interested in meeting Atreus.

Message From: Phyllis Burd January 8, 2020
I am interested in going to your meet and greet on Jan 11th. Where is the Animall located?

Message From: Laura January 1, 2020
I will be excited to meet serious minded people that know what true love is all about

Message From: Donn Eaton November 27, 2019
I hope I get my forever Gsd

Message From: Cathy October 14, 2019
I am thinking to get a GS dog! I've always wanted one since I was young!

Message From: (Private) October 2, 2019
Always reading about the precious dogs and telling god bless you all .i still have greta my heart and saw gingers profile alot.wanted to meet ginger at reunion but saw the sad news tonight on face book and i cryed , surely wish we could adopt them all. Remy and sofie are our babies but love em all.

Message From: Gail September 21, 2019
We really want to meet Jessy! We would love to adopt !! Can't wait to hear from you! [Hello Gail! If you are interested in adopting please fill out an application on our website at]

Message From: Les Sokolik September 19, 2019
Gosh, I live in Utah, but I still want to get a dog. I have a big fenced yard, a large dog door, an old sleepy cat and another younger cat. I have an empty spot since losing my pair of bouvier and their pet Shizue. Can we work together? Les

Message From: Ava June 3, 2019
waiting for a larger yard. We want to add 3 Germans to our current lonely-one!

Message From: Sgt Padilla May 21, 2019
Hopefully I will get a German shepherd....

Message From: Carolyn April 23, 2019
Remy and sophie are doing wonderful together and we enjoy them more than words can explain .the grand kids love them and they love it when they come over.we pray the others also find there forever homes.god bless you all gsra.

Message From: Patrick January 19, 2019
Thankyou all for all the time and effort you give. The companionship a German Shepherd gives is beyond description. They touch our souls.

Message From: Teal Parker January 18, 2019
Hoping to soon rescue a GSD from this awesome organization. Very nice website. Keep up the good work Teal ❤

Message From: Anonymous January 7, 2019
I loved all the German Shepherds I saw just wish I could get one

Message From: Lance Alley January 4, 2019
Thank y'all for being there for the German Shepard breed.

Message From: Carolyn December 25, 2018
Merry christmas and god bless you all. Remy got his favorite toy. He is so precious to us.

Message From: Carolyn December 18, 2018
God bless you all and pray for all these precious dogs to be blessed with loving forever family. All of gsra members have a golden heart for all they do .godbess you all and merry christmas

Message From: Patricia October 27, 2018
Thank you for helping and loving these fur babies.

Message From: Jon S. October 2, 2018
We just let our Karma Girl go over the rainbow bridge 3 weeks ago and miss her like crazy. I absolutely love the breed and am getting ready to adopt another after my wife has her knee surgery in the last part of October. I am so glad there are dedicated people to rescue the amazing animals. Thanks!

Message From: Carolyn Money August 30, 2018
We are seniors just lost our Germen Sherpherd She was number 7 in our life She to was a resue very frightened took our time with her so scared but turned out to be a very precious girl We took her and gave her so much love she was our shadow I have trained 2 in schooling and 5 myself turned out wonderful would be glad to take her before you have her agusted to anythying Full fenced yard kept in side will have her own big crate The best of everything

Message From: Linda M Taylor August 29, 2018
You will be getting Kami from Columbus County Friday. This is what I was told. I would love to keep up with her as I have fell in love with her. I would love to adopt her, but at this time I unable to, so that is why I want to keep up with her (in case things change). I had a GS that I rescued and I lost her 3 years ago, and I still cry for my loss. Kami looks so much like her, and I really want to be able to get her, or make sure that she does get the home she deserves. Please keep me informed. Thank you for all you do for these beautiful and loving dogs.

Message From: Debbie August 27, 2018
I had my last gsd his whole life Codie. I still miss him though he has been gone a long time. My current dog is older and my service dog. I will be looking for a new service dog next year.

Message From: Sherri August 4, 2018
We (my wife, myself and our dog, Bandit) met Princess Merida and her foster Mom about 3 weeks ago and immediately fell in love with her. We submitted the application and are looking forward to seeing her again really soon. We would love to be her forever home.