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Senior DogGSRA Senior Dog Program, "A Moment in Time"

GSRA is committed to rescuing Senior Sheppies. With donations from our supporters and organizations like The Grey Muzzle Organization we can continue to rescue seniors in area shelters. 
 Grey Muzzle

We would like to Thank the Grey Muzzle Organization,, for their continued support of our commitment to Senior GSD and GSD Mixes. 

Click here to see our Available Seniors.

"A Moment in Time" is the name of GSRA's Senior Dog program. It represents what we feel is one of the greatest lessons our senior animals have to teach us - that being, time shouldn't be measured in minutes, hours, days or even years...but rather moments - special moments that are shared between a human and their dog.

One of the greatest hurdles we have faced in promoting the idea of adopting a senior dog, is the prevailing fear that the time spent with the adopted dog will be short. People are afraid of facing death - whether it be their own, or that of someone or something near to them. However death does not have a timetable. Adopting a young pup or young adult, does not guarantee the adopter 10 + years with their furry companion. More importantly, when you talk to someone about the memories they have of an animal they were fortunate enough to spend many years with, it's not the length of time they remember so fondly, it's the individual moments they shared together. There may be more of those moments depending on the longevity of the animal, but not necessarily so. Sometimes, knowing that time isn't endless makes you appreciate what moments you have a little more dearly.

The mission of GSRA's "A Moment in Time" program is to improve the quality of life of as many senior German Shepherd Dogs and Shepherd mixes as possible. We've identified 3 specific goals:

  • Increase the number of senior GSDs we can rescue from area shelters. This includes providing dedicated senior GSD foster homes who have advanced training and experience with senior dogs
  • Increase awareness of the medical, nutritional and behavioral needs of senior GSD's.
  • Direct promotion of senior dogs for adoption - through education on the joys of senior dog ownership

Senior Dog2In addition, a new section on our website devoted to senior needs and care, with helpful links to services, products and other useful information will be forthcoming. Although we are aiming to increase the awareness of the joys and benefits of senior GSD adoptions and ownership within the community, we are also hoping that our project will aid those people who already own a senior dog and who might be struggling with the burden of this responsibility. Knoweldge is power and sometimes having that knowledge is the difference between someone keeping their dog rather than giving it up for adoption or sending it to a shelter. By offering education on ways to care for their dog, and links to organizations, companies and websites that contain products and information pertinent to the needs of senior dogs, and even under special circumstances, being able to supplement that individual financially in order to keep their dog, we hope to be able to give people the confidence that they can look after their senior and continue to give it the care and love it deserves.

This program, would not have been able to come to fruition, had it not been for the generous support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, to whom we are deeply grateful. For more information, or to learn how you can become more involved in "A Moment in Time", GSRA's Senior Dog Program, please email us at our rescue email address,