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GSRA is extremely fortuate to have wonderful supporters. 

Holiday Thank you
*Kris & Pete Eschenfelder

*Julius Goodrich

"In loving memory of Lili, GSRA 2016."

*Susan Eischeid

*Fred Kalmbach

*Jennifer Paciariello

"In memory of Major and Terra"

*Kerry Stubbs

"For Sky"

"In stoop -a-loops memory"

*Andrew Tsingelis

"Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who give their hearts and souls to saving these pups! You are amazing! My life is so much better knowing all of you and for giving me three awesome furbabies! Merry Christmas to the GSRA angels. Love Heather, Riley and Abby. And of course Dave from above ❤️"

*Heather Akers

*Nan Verbel

*Bela Bailey

*Tara Burch

*Wade Jones

"I donate in the name of Yeti, our adopted Sheprador, and Max, my departed heart dog."

*Catherine Shea
"In honor of our GSRA rescue, Toby. He makes us laugh every single day!"

*Clarissa Diamantidis

"Sam, class of 2016"


"Merry Christmas from Wayne, Cyrus, and China Cipperly"

*Wayne Cipperly

*Alexandra Piepszak

*Georgia Broyhill

"Memories of Bosco, Leni, Maggie, and Meeka - Forever in our hearts! In honor of Luna (a true blessing) and all of the GSRA family - thank you for all you do!!"

*Jon and Tina Tyler

*Kira Connor

"For Raven, Sheeba and Lynnie with all my love"


"Bane class of 2018"

*Janna Joyner

*Gavin Jackson

"I would like to dedicate this donation to my Kane dog who is in heaven now. He was our foster who we adopted. Love that dog. Miss you every day Mr. Kane."

*Amy Bonis

"For Gidget, Sasha, Hans, and Gretchen"

*Nancy Duffy

"For Astrid (aka Brandy) we are grateful everyday, she brings great joy to our lives!"

*Phil Kaufman

"Dedicated to our GSRA rescue, Malakey, who brings us joy everyday."

*John Martinez

"Henry, Class of 2013, still with us and sends best wishes!"


"For Susan, Bill, Lily, and Max Morrison"

*Susan Morrison

*Michelle Middleton

*Danielle Simorelli

*Mary Langenbrunner

*Maribeth Weinman

"In honor of Bonsai 1.0 and Tango. In memory of Dax, Cassidy, and Roxanne."

*Rebecca Bryce

*Debbie Clayton

"To my beloved Ava Allen. Gone but never forgotten. Forever in my heart .❤️"

*Dawn Allen

"To our furbabies, Wolf Ace and Princess Luna Khaleesi! We love you so much!"

*Rashmi Menon

*Briget Zazzara

"In Memory of Shadow, Class of ‘20"

*Bev and Mike Brennan

"Dedicated to our sheppie alums Solomon and Ziva."

*Angela Breault

"Dedicated to our beloved Jake"

*Catherine Coley

"I'm dedicating this donation to my family members in lieu of presents its support those most in need this holiday season."



*Jancie Crawford

"With thanks to Connie and Tracey T.!"


*Heather Keplinger

"In honor of Barry and Trish Raffel and their amazing German
Shepherds they have adopted."


*Cheryl Henderson

*Tracey Tanzey

"In memory of Kenya"


"For all the great dogs we have known through GSD Rescue!"

*Sandy Quinn

"In memory of our beloved King, GRSA 2013"

*Michele Hurni

"In loving memory of Ariel, Hopper, Desedomona, Asher, Othello,

Harry Potter, Tina Tootles. And for my current loves: Cooper, Maggie,

Bertie, Piper, Annie Oakley, and Gunner"


"Happy Birthday, Luna!!!"

*Jon and Tina Tyler

*Dogzilla & Sherman

*To: Zoe
We are blessed to have you in our home!

"In memory of all our pups"

*David & Geraldine Summer

"Jeri & David Summer in memory of Baby Girl"

"Special thanks to Veronica and thanks to all GSRA volunteers."

*Tara Schrier

"In honor of S, Z, and M, with love from the W family."

"Dedicated Our Sweet GSD Annie- RIP"

*Erin Goldsmith

"In memory of Max, the sweetest and most handsome White GSD that ever lived."

*Brian Mulligan

*Andrew Tsingelis

*Missy W.