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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. " -Anatole France


Message From: Rebecca Hessert October 8, 2014
I have been viewing this site frequently lately.My family is moving out of town and into the country.We will have lots of land and hiking trails to explore.We did have a dog when my first born son was born.She was a cross between German shepherd/Lab mix breed she"Daisyduke" turned into the best dog a family could ask for.We were able to have her in our lives for 14 Wonderful yrs.! My kids are older now n I feel lonely, I've always wanted to get a pure breed German Shepherd so yes IM on the look out for one that captures my HEART*

Message From: Laurel King October 2, 2014
Great site for these magnificent dogs!

Message From: Dawn & Caleb September 9, 2014
We completed our adoption form lastnight and will travel 2 hours to attend the adoption event this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Message From: Andrea September 7, 2014
I have spent a lot of time on GSRA website over the past few months as my husband and I would like to adopt a companion for our current GSD Frodo. He is our second German Shepherd and we just love the breed. Frodo doesn't get along with all dogs but we are hopeful we can find him a friend.

Message From: Phyllis September 7, 2014
I'm looking for me a new family member. I love animals and I was raised up with German Shepherds.

Message From: jimmy September 3, 2014
,, Lost my devoted companion of 12 years recently, I am crushed , there is no better partner than a GSD , my 'baby' was far beyond intelligent , he was simply amazing . Some day I'll get another , and it will be a German Shepherd . God Bless your rescue group . [GSRA Response: So sorry for the loss of your sheppie. :-(]

Message From: Frank Corral August 24, 2014
My 3 1/2 yr old female German Shepard has gone missing, La Sierra section of Riverside Ca.

Message From: (Private) July 26, 2014
Always had one. Last one died from cancer

Message From: dave dobson June 3, 2014
just lost my best friend of 13 years. sampson was a rescue that ended up saving my life. I am looking to be someones human.

Message From: (Private) May 27, 2014
Thank you! we miss our 14 year old very much! Soon we will adopt!

Message From: Pat Baker May 17, 2014
Considering adopting so just looking at this time. Looking for young or adult female that would be good with small dogs. I have a Bedlington Terrier and member of the Bedlington Rescue.

Message From: alina April 2, 2014
I always wanted a gsd, just the financial stress of owning one scares me. I never owned a dog before so ask these expenses are alot for me, I have 2 cats to I'm used to some very bills. I just want to know do vet bills vary from place to place? How can I keep my gsd so healthy that getting ill will be rare? [GSRA Response: Unfortunately you are never guaranteed that you will never have a medical emergency. Typical annual costs for owning a GSD is approx $1755/ year without any unexpected medical expense. That can jump to approx $2500 if medical issues arise. Just like having a child, you have to commit and do what you need to do to make sure your dog is happy and healthy. There is no magic recipe, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Wishing you all the best]

Message From: L. Hurt April 1, 2014
Just visited your site for the first time. We are looking to add additional GSD to our pack.

Message From: Kristal March 19, 2014
As a mom of 2 sons, 2 daughter-n-laws, 2 grand-daughters, I also have quite a few furbabies! Between 5 cats, 1 lab and a loving Shepherd my life is full of joy! My Shepherd was adopted when he was 1 and now he's 4.....he is the light of the family. protective, loving and surely full of energy. I think what you all are doing is amazing and God Bless you all! It takes special people to take on this lifestyle and devotion.

Message From: Tamela Robbins March 7, 2014
I would like to adopt a young female german shepherd. I have two small chihuahuas and we live in the foothills of nc in a country setting. [GSRA Response: All potential adopters need to go thru the approval process which starts with completing an application! Thank you for wanting to save a sheppie]

Message From: TD March 6, 2014
Your dedication to these beautiful dogs, as well as pitbulls, is just amazing and refreshing. I wish you all the best everyday! Thanks for all you do.

Message From: sheila February 24, 2014
I found and adopted my beautiful german shepherd from the courtesy listing that you offer...I thank you sooo much and God Bless you all for what you are doing everyday!!!!!! stay safe :-)[GSRA Response: So happy to have helped make the match!!!]

Message From: Lorraine Montes February 22, 2014
I just want to say your organization is doing a wonderful thing for these dogs. they are such great dogs and all deserve to be loved! [GSRA Response: Thank you!]

Message From: Faughn February 21, 2014
I so remember Levi! If that's the one from Appomatox. Thank you for saving him and all the other! [GSRA Response: Yup, he's the one! He's doing so great!]

Message From: Sean Branin February 16, 2014
We are interested in Sasha. We have 2 dogs and a13 yr old son that will have a running mate if she joins our family. [GSRA Response: Wonderful! Fill out an app! :-)]

Message From: Doris January 20, 2014
What a wonderful thing you are doing for these amazing dogs. I lost my GSD Jazz 3 months ago suddenly and when I seen Kylie my heart melted. I hope some one contacts me I would love to bring her home. Bless you all for the work you do.[GSRA Response: Doris, if you are interested in one of our dogs, please fill out an application. Once you do that, a volunteer will email you.]

Message From: (Private) January 18, 2014
Wow! Love the new website! May I ask how much you pay your webmaster? We are looking at hiring someone to maintain our site so we can have a well run site too, but are not sure it is in our budget. Thx [GSRA Response: Thank you for the compliment. Our Rescue is an ALL volunteer organization. No one is paid for their work, unless you count Sheppie nose kisses!]

Message From: (Private) January 18, 2014
After losing our German Shepherd last July, I have been following GSRA on Facebook and I am so impressed with the care you take to make sure these dogs are well matched to their forever homes. Thank you for what you do!

Message From: SHIRLEY December 26, 2013

Message From: Alexandra November 6, 2013
We adopted Ozzie from GSRA over 3 years ago, and all I can say is that he is one of the sweetest most wonderful loving boy. Thank you so much for bringing us together!!

Message From: Caitlin October 9, 2013
Are you guys affiliated with the VGSR (Va german shepherd rescue) or are yall completely different? [GSRA Response: We are two separate Rescues that share the same values. We like them very much:-)]

Message From: Brian September 18, 2013
Thank you for allowing us to adopt Klondike in 2003 (White German Shepherd) from your organization. If you remember, it was actually our Yellow Lab, Pumpkin, who fell in love with Klondike and picked him out to join our family. In 2006 we were transferred to Florida with Kirk's company and Pumpkin passed away a week after the move (she was 12 years old). We adopted a 4-month old German Shepherd named Ceasar to keep Klondike company after Pumpkin's passing. Unfortunately Klondike had hip dysplasia, and although he had a great Vet who tried many medications throughout the years, in the end Klondike was suffering and we had him put to sleep. To keep Ceasar company, we recently adopted a German Shepherd (who was on "death row" from our local county Animal Shelter) and named her Themis. She has fit right into our family, and instantly became bonded with Ceasar. I don't know what it is about the German Shepherd breed, but I have never seen such a loyal and loving animal as this breed. I love coming back to your website and seeing the numerous changes that you have made over the years. It brings back all the memories of Klondike and the annual picnic with the Police K-9 unit. Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing! [GSRA extends heart felt condolences, and we thank you for giving Klondike and Pumpkin such a wonderful home, and then saving Ceaser and Themis. Thank you!! And thank you for your continued support!]

Message From: Jamie July 12, 2013
I love what you do for these beautiful and loving animals! My husband and I have been "cruizing" our site for a while now in anticipation of finding our newest family member. We are in the process of building a home, and by year's end we want to be welcoming a new family member into it. Unil then, we will continue to read about all these furbabies and their wonderful stories. Can't wait to be a part of the GSRA family.

Message From: JO July 5, 2013
We have always had dogs - all of them adopted or left on the doorstop. We lost our beloved white shepherd mix, Zephyr, last summer and want to get to a point that we can adopt again. Zephyr was our baby and she knew it too. We had her for about 12 years. In visiting your site, I fell in love with Gina and Brass. I think they would make a perfect couple of four legged children for us. At the moment we have a lot going on and I'm not sure it would be fair to them so we are waiting to adopt. I hope they and all the others you have available find wonderful homes as these fur babies bring so much joy to humans and we sometimes neglect to see how beautiful life can be with them. My best to you, your staff and all the volunteers. Keep up the fantastic work.

Message From: Chris June 30, 2013
Everyone helping a rescue animal are heroes in my book. Thank you for what you do. If I could take one in my current residence I would.

Message From: Amy May 20, 2013
I'm a foster mom for the High Desert German Shephard Rescue. I'm on my 3rd and 4th dogs. It's taken awhile for these two to find a home but I hope and pray for the right family. GS are wonderful dogs and I will miss them terribly but they don't like my cat so I can't let them become foster failers. They were so nervous, now the are the picture of sillyness, becoming protective of me and my property and truly digging car rides. Talk about adaptability. I wish that they all had the perfect homes that fit their hearts. [GSRA Response: Thank you so much for being a foster!! Fosters are the BEST people!!! :-)]

Message From: Anja April 25, 2013
Just want to thank you for all you do!!! We have a shepherd/lab mix and he is our "little" baby. My heart goes out to those that help dogs that have been surrendered or found stray or helpless. Shepherds are such amazing dogs :)

Message From: AK March 8, 2013
Can you please post your phone number somewhere on your page. Note from GSRA: We do not have a phone number. Once you fill out an application, we will contact you. You can always email us.

Message From: ann richardson February 25, 2013
Love your fur babies. I am looking for a older gs my Lady just passed and want anothe gs that needs help to rescue heart is so badly broken I have a rescue male here had him for the last 6 years he is about 9 or10 now I have been looking at Katy .god bless thank you

Message From: suzanne February 10, 2013
Very interested in Gizzy. I wonder if you still have her available. I lost a sweetheart of a shepperd named Izzy 2 years ago.

Message From: Megan Kohtz February 10, 2013
We had an adventure today! My 7 year old son found a German Shepherd wandering in our neighborhood this morning and we caught it, offered her water and used a rope to leash her. Then I left a message th Animal Shelter to say we found a female German Shepherd with a pink collar, without ID, in my neighborhood. Then they called me back and asked more questions about the dog. All while we had fun playing with the very friendly, good natured dog. Then later this afternoon the owner called and came around to pick her up. Everyone was happy and I did my good Samaritan act, but now my kids want a German Shepherd!

Message From: Drew February 3, 2013
Have been around Sheps all my life love the breed if theres anything I can do please let me know I have an older Shep she is still playful but going blind but she is still very loyal and lovable am glad my friend reccomended your site keep up the great work and if there is anything I can help with by all means let me know Have a house with fenced yard and 2 shep lab mixes and a german shep akc but could spoil another one if a needing shep needs friends and a loving family it will be spoiled but hey why shouldnt we they are an awesome breed lets keep em strong!

Message From: Sharon February 2, 2013
Thank-you for all that you do! I lost 2 shepherds with odd diseases years ago. I suppose you just have them in your heart forever...My dachsund who lived with my shepherds is still hanging on! Thanks again.

Message From: Jeff Burnette January 26, 2013
We have found a great match for our Bella.We have Avery with us now and she is so lovable and gets along great with Bella.I would love to have Omar to .He was such a great young man but my wife fell in love with Avery its so hard to choose with so many great dogs. Thanks for all you do!

Message From: Angela Stevens January 8, 2013
My family attended your event in Cary on Saturday. Thank you for being so nice and informative. Every person and dog there made us feel very welcome. We met so many amazing dogs there and fell in love with so many of them. Trooper and Izzy were our favorites. Thank you for all that you do for these amazing dogs. We can't wait to go through the adoption process and add one of the dogs to our family.

Message From: Mo December 30, 2012
Omar is so beautiful! What a great rescue! Sending my regards.

Message From: expGinger Reid December 7, 2012
Man, Sherman's pic is beautiful! I adopted a cruelty case like him from Big Dog Rescue over a year ago..yeah, tied to a tree, no food, water...weighed 34 lbs...hardly any hair and had severe ringworm...he is very old...about 11 now..and severe hip dysplasia...but he is one happy GSD and I love the breed...shared him on FB and hope that someone will snatch this diamond up!

Message From: Markus Lindelä December 2, 2012
Nice work, keep going on! Animal psykologist Markus Lindelä

Message From: (Private) November 21, 2012
Yours is a very useful site. We at want to get affiliated to you.

Message From: Linda November 13, 2012
I recently lost my "Shelia" to cancer. I found her on the side of the road about 8 years ago. She was only suppose to be a foster to me, but we connected in a way that I could not let her go. We shared a lot of good and tough times together. I miss her more than words can say. She was my bestfriend and I hope one day we will be reunited again. I told her to wait for me and I would find her. I could not have asked for a better friend. [GSRA reply: so very sorry for your loss]

Message From: kathy November 3, 2012
Our 12 year old beloved Dixie went to the heavens on Oct. 23rd. I have been on the internet and found your website which has been a great comfort to both us during our grieving time. I may be interested in adopting a senior or adult female to fill that emptiness. Can you recommend a german shepherd rescue in the middle tennessee area. Thank you.[GSRA reply: so very sorry for your loss. Here is a website that has links to GSD Rescues all over the US by State. Thank you for wanting to save a sheppie]

Message From: LARRY October 19, 2012
WE LOST TALON ON 9/27 YOUR WEBSITE HAS BEEN A GODSEND WHAT YOU DO IS SO SPECIAL [GSRA Response: Thank you and so very sorry for your loss]

Message From: Keith Massey September 16, 2012
Very nice website. As someone who owns a farm and loves all animals I just want too say again what a great thing you are doing. I know that running a rescue is not easy and a 24 hour a day job; however, I am sure you find it very rewarding. My wife and I have rescued horses in the past and have enjoyed that. Thank you for what you do! Keith & Tracie Massey

Message From: Chris September 13, 2012
Great site! Love what you do for GSD's. Plan to help. I have considered adopting, but we live in FL. I lost my shepherd to cancer when I was in high school. Miss her like crazy.

Message From: sueB September 11, 2012
We were so happy to have shared 11 years with Ava who we adopted from Md. Rescue.. We lost her in June and with my daughter finishing college in May we are now looking for a "pair" of foster dogs to again give our love and attention. We enjoy looking at this site and hope to find a pair of buddies to complete our family once again. Keep up the great work you Foster folks!