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Happy Tails 
 happy dog 
Did your best friend come from GSRA? Share your Happy Tail with us! Click here to submit.  

Stella Lady Maggie Stevie  Honey Lucy  Caleb Gideon  Miss Jessie Bella
Ozzie Chloe Lucy Dorrie  Tonto Jack Cody Dexter Ursula
Fritzy & Shaun Arco

 Kodie &

 Delgado Jessie Hedy
 Allydar  Les Paul
 llse  King
 Zeak  Sadie  Gheydis  Diesel  Dakota  Cooper  Zeke  Jazz  Sam  
Sam's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
HT Sam
We adopted Sam about two years ago. He quickly settled into life here and has been a fantastic addition to our family. He is extremely well behaved, and has gotten along great with all of our adopted dogs from the first day. He loves to walk (we have to spell it out because he knows the word) and run and chase his tennis ball, ply with our other dogs and just hang out with the family. He is a very large and strong dog, but has learned to correctly walk on a leash. He is extremely smart, and as the youngest of our dogs the most energetic. There are many wonderful stories associated with Sam that I could share, but I think my favorite thing about him is that almost everyone that sees him is impressed with both his gentle behavior and his impressive looks, and are almost universally surprised that he is a rescue. I think he is a very good example for why rescues are an awesome option for many people.

Jazz's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
HT Jazz
Jazz adopted our family a little over 3 months ago. She was previously rescued twice from GSRA through no fault of her own. She dealt with neglect & consequential serious skin infections. With the proper care from the rescue & foster mom, Jazz healed completely. She missed her foster mama initially, but quickly bonded with our family when she realized.....walks, hiking, catch-me-if-you-can, & the beach aren't so bad! She's a a goofy toddler at 6 years old. She now follows her "brother" (a GSD rescue from WI) everywhere & cuddles with us (especially mom!) whenever she can. She is the sweetest girl & we are so happy to have her in our family. (side note**the rescue process was remarkable. Everyone worked so hard to make sure that we were right for Jazz & that she was right for us. Thank you!)
Zeke's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
HT Zeke 
We adopted Zeke after our beloved dog Stormy passed away at 5 1/2 years from Cancer. Our other dog Danny was so lonely without him it was heartbreaking. We found "Bo" and from the description of his temperament, he sounded like a perfect companion for Danny and Us too. When we met , It was love at first site for all of us... He is a wonderful (and Beautiful) Boy and I cant imagine a day without him in our lives. We did have to change his name as we had 2 family members with dogs named Bo! He learned his new name within the week !
We have had him now for 6 years We think he was around 2 when he came to us. His foster family came to visit us about a year later and he was so happy to see all of them , especially the kids... He has certainly come a long way from the dog that was found wandering the streets of Charlotte NC , HW positive and starving. Its amazing what Rescue can do... We all need to support them. Love, Gail
 Cooper's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
Cooper came to us two years ago, to be a companion to Chloe after her older brother passed. Cooper was a pup, from a litter which GS rescue took care of after they were taken to a kill shelter with the mother. Cooper was the last to be adopted since all his brothers and sisters along with mom were adopted out. Cooper is half GS and half Golden Retriever. He is an in your face lover, who wants to look you in the eye when he licks your face. He is a loving boy and enjoys his sister Chloe and new brother Dakota. He always studies things, and gets very focused, like today he was barking at a slug going up a wall...guess he thought it was going too slow...but he notices the very little things and seems to be perplexed in all of God's littlest creations. He always come to welcome me when I get up, with his tail wagging...along with being entertained with his siblings. He shows he appreciates things, and always has a lick for me.
 Dakota's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
Dakota renamed from (Dillion) came out of South Carolina dog shelter after the owners had him for 3 days, surrendering him saying they could not handle him. Ellen O. GS Rescue knowing we were wanting a big boy, contacted me with pictures of the then little guy. Went to Maureen T. of GS rescue's home where she was fostering Dakota, and adopted him. Dakota is growing like a weed, he is now 11 months old and hitting 100 lbs. He has done very well in agility classes, and obedience. He is a loving boy, and has a great personality of love and devotion. He does great with his brother, Cooper, and sister Chloe who are also from GS Rescue also posted on this site. They all have a romping good time, playing tag, chase the tail, and of course ball. Dakota is also know as my vegamatic since he loves to go to the garden and pick himself a ripe tomato to eat, the other two also have adapted to vegies...because of Dakota...Dakota has acquired quite the taste for Tomatoes, Okra, Broccoli, Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Romaine Lettuce, carrots, and Green Beans. Much of this comes from the garden, you can only laugh when he comes around the corner of the house with something from the garden in his mouth. Life is so much fuller with these three, and they put a smile on my face all the time with there play, and love.
Diesel's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Diesel Fritz was adopted May 16th 2011 when only 6 weeks old. My daughter scooped him up from a litter of puppies at the Burlington Pet Smart and wouldn't let go of him afraid someone would snatch him. That was it. He just turned 2 on April 1 this year and couldn't imagine life without him. 
I've raised him to be social with every living thing and because of this can take him any/everywhere. Surprising to me, he loves the ocean and will swim for ages and will even fetch the bouy's. Maybe he is 1/16th lab? The water is great therapy for him especially when he gets these little sores on his groin when dermachlor doesn't work. 
Diesel loves my homemade bread and baked goods. It's the only time he counter surfs. One morning I came down and found a canine bite shape out of one of my country french loaves lying in the middle of the kitchen. After searching for him I found him licking a stick of butter between his two front paws. He has also polished off an entire 4 pack of cornbread muffins and returned the packaging to the counter to hide the evidence.
All I can say he is perfect, most of the time...
Gheydis' Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Gheydis has a furever home! I found some humans that will even let me sit (or lay) on the furniture with them. Greg aka Dad (the human man) and Loretta aka Mom (the human woman) have fell in LOVE with me!! I got all new toys and great food and snacks, but more importantly a secure and safe new home. I get exercised several times a day by my dad and mom plays with me and my new squishy frisbee dad ordered specially for me! Well mom wants to say a few words now so here she is!

Gheydis (formerly known as Heidi) came into our home as my very first foster sheppie. I had lost my previous girl at the age of 13 years old. I knew I didnt want to attach all the way to a new furbaby, but I was missing having her and the house felt empty. So, I thought what better way to fill that spot than become a foster for German Shepherds. This way I could have my shepherd need filled and I could do my part in helping one get to a great home and family.

Now Gheydis dad never was into animals the way I am, so he acted very nonchalantly when Gheydis was brought to the house by the transporter Angels. He was "supporting" me. He started first with interacting with Gheydis, then taking over the walking, then playing with her. One night he said he thought HE wanted to keep her!! OMG! EVERYONE was and still in shock! (except Gheydis). I said ok but that brings alot of responsibilities including financials as well such as food, snacks, vet visits etc.., he said ok and whats the problem? I said well there is the adoption fee (knowing how he is I figured this would stop his thought of keeping her) he said ok, who do we make the check out to? Well the rest is history. Gheydis and her new dad are in love with each other! Where he is, thats where she is and vice versa. Being that I am Gheydis mom, she does share him with me haha, and she looks to me for guidance knowing I am part of the "Pack" too.

She has made her place in each of our family members hearts with her playfulness, her exuberance and pure joy in life that she has. She is very smart, eagerly trying to please and loves to show off! Gheydis doesn't just walk, she prances with tail high! 
Thanks to the wonderful sheppie she is, her new dad and I are officially labeled "Foster Failures" lol

** Side note** Gheydis recently had another member join her pack, she has a new foster sister Ari...more to come on her!

Sadie"s Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
HT Sadie
My husband and I both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and somehow our baby has brown. Our "furrbaby" as we call her has found a way into our hearts that is beyond words. When we first brought Sadie home the first thing she did was jump up on the right side of the couch and laid down to rest from the tiring day. From that moment on, that is her spot on the couch. We found a handful of things Sadie was scared of, and we have worked our way through most of them. Sadie has grown so much over the last few months. This past Fall we attended her first Pet Expo where we played and showed off our new manners and tricks. Sadie loves going on rides, running around in the back yard, taking walks around the block, and going to the beach. One of her job is to "clear" the house and every morning she "checks" the rooms as she was trained before going outside. And on lunch break when I come home to her, she "checks" the rooms again before I leave. I never knew that we could love Sadie as much as we do. I am so proud of how far she has come along. I truly think I have learned as much from her sometimes. We are so thankful for all of the help from the GSDR team. Everyone from the online management to the foster parents really opened their hearts to making this as smooth as possible. I will admit, when I first looked at the process of adoption, I did not understand why it had to be so thorough. Now I see the reason. I am glad this team works so hard to find homes that are suitable for these darlings. We are approaching our one year mark with Sadie and every day she still finds a way to make me love her more.

 Zeak's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Zeak was a bit of a fraidy pup when I first got him. I was looking for a companion for myself since my other dogs had attached themselves to my daughter and my husband. And this pup was different, our family had look at 6 other pups in this rescue and none of them had been the right fit, but Zeak was the one. So we took him home with us and it took 2 years of training, I even got myself a college degree in dog training along side Zeak's training, but we got ourself together and grew together as a team. When I was diagnosed with Bipolar+Ptsd, I was recommended a service dog. Zeak stepped up to the plate, no one could love me better than him and he knew it. We've been working together side by side for years and he hasn't let me down. I am so blessed that when he was afraid, I got him through his tough times, and now he is getting me through mine. Thank you for allowing me to adopt such a wonderful and tremendous companion . There will never be another like him.
King's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu
HT King
King came to our family 2 years ago. He was initially described as an aggressive dog. Not so! He is playful, loving, has boundless energy but never aggressive. He has brought so much joy into our household. My only hesitation about getting another dog is that it won't be King.

llse's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

HT - llse

When we first got Ilse around Christmas time, she was a little bit hesitant in her new environment. It took her no time to adjust to her loving family. Max, our labrador mix, helped her with the adjustments with play and love. She has been a absolute joy and blessing since she came to us. She is fun, energetic, and loveable. She still has some troubles around new people sometimes, but she adjusts quickly. When our son Caleb came home with us for the first time last December, she watched over him as if he were her own child. We call Ilse his second mommy. We love her, and we couldn't imagine our lives now without her.

Les Paul's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

HT - Les Paul

We are so in love with our Les Paul (also known as Lester, Stinky von Stink Stink, and Sir Stinks-a-lot by our daughter). It took Les no time to get used to having real toys and lots of walks, playtime, and attention. He is a BIG sweetheart and gives lots of kisses. His favorite past time is playing in the sprinkler - just like a kid! We love having him and it is hard to remember what life was like before him. Thanks to his foster for doing such a great job getting him ready to adopt.

Allydar's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


Because my disability requires me to use a wheelchair, I had always been a little apprehensive about adopting a dog -- simply because I was afraid of all the "what ifs." I was obsessed with the fear that I would not be able to help a dog that got sick or chase a dog if it got out of the yard or help it into the car, etc, etc, etc. I was just plain afraid of all the things that could happen so I never made the move because I would never take in an animal unless I felt sure I could give it the best, safest home possible.  I knew that I needed to find a very special dog with very specific traits if it were ever going to work. So once I made the decision to give it a shot, I put myself in the hands of the folks at GSRA and, now, looking back, it was the best decision I ever made because it brought Allydar into my life.

To be honest, I was prepared to wait for years if I had to for just the right animal, but who knew it would be just a matter of weeks before Cris H would be calling me with the news that one of the foster parents "thinks she has the perfect match." She told me they had a mature dog who is "freakishly calm and well-behaved" and obedient beyond belief -- one that couldn't care less about escaping or the yappy dogs next door. She sounded too good to be true, but within a few days, Allydar came for a visit and by the second meeting, I told Shannon, the foster mom, that I wasn't ever giving Ally back.

It's been a few months now and Ally and I are like peas and carrots. She's adopted me more than I have adopted her, and she's changed my life in ways I never expected -- and some I did.

As a chronically single guy, I never had to worry about going out of town on a whim or staying out late after work. I never had to worry about getting up if I didn't want to on weekends. But now, I have a little furry face to nudge me every morning and drag me out into the cold rainy mornings, and I couldn't be happier about it. She's so awesome, it's hard for me to pull myself away to work every morning and makes me simply joyful to open the door at night and see that little nose poking out at me before I can even get the keys out of the lock -- which of course, comes as no shock to anyone reading this.

Still, I have no fears anymore. I just have Ally, and everyday is better than the last. The GSRA found me the perfect fit, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hedy's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Hedy HT

Hedy Belle is such a joy! She has been with me for less than a year but I could not imagine life without her! She seems to charm everyone she meets with her sweet manner and joy in life - her groomer has named her the "best German Shepherd EVER" and she has lots of fans in the small children that we meet on walks in the park - they all want to pet her. She has blossomed from a shy (but well mannered) dog who was hesitant to venture out and explore, to an extroverted happy dog who greets each day with that big Shepherd smile and exuberance. She loves to chase squirrels and play with her friends in the neighborhood, fetch squeak toys and just curl up on her bed. The cat does, at times, still closely resemble a small sheep (she is, after all 14 pounds), but they have worked out a fairly peaceful coexistence!
Love, love, love my Hedy girl!

Jesse's Happy Tail - Click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Jesse HT

Hi Y'all!! I FINALLY have a wonderful home!! I'm having the time of my life!
I have a "sister", she's a lab, but we get along very well. I even have some little furry friends, I hear mom and dad call them cats. They don't bother me, :), I even think they're funny. I go on rides, walks, and even to the beach! I love going in the ocean with my sister. Thank goodness, mom and dad have patience! I've done some things I'm not proud of. (Chewed up some pretty nice things). But mom and dad really love me, so they forgave me and so I'm doing better as I've learned that they really, really love me and I've learned to trust them. I really want to tell Miss Nancy (my foster mom) THANK YOU!! Mom and dad were interested in someone else, till Miss Nancy told them about me . . . . WHOOPEE !! Hope the rest of you are as lucky as I am!
See you at a reunion, or event!


Delgado's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


Delgado came to us as a foster but after 2 days we knew he was ours, he is so sweet. He is daddy's little boy he follows his daddy everywhere we are so greatful to have him in our family.

Kodie and Gracie's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


When our beautiful dog Rascal died in January 2005 at 14 years of age, we decided to look around for another dog to adopt in Rascal's memory. Previously Priscilla, Gracie was adopted in Jan 2005 at the age of 2. She was so sweet and cute we immediately fell in love. Gracie took a while to warm up to my husband Joe, it took many hugs and hot dogs! She is still happy and healthy at the ripe old age of eight, and she can still run with grace and agility! In April 2007, we decided to adopt another dog to keep Gracie company. Kodi, previously Cody, was so funny and silly we immediately loved him as well. Kodi is now 5 years of age and his hind legs are still a little shaky from when he was neglected but other than that he is great! Kodi and Gracie have enriched our lives in so many ways. Thank you!

Arco's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Arco name is Arco. I was a GSD from GSRA. I was fostered by two of the best ladies (Jan/Rabecca) ever! Thank God for this great organization, or I might not have been so lucky. My new parents adopted me at the age of 1yr 4mos. They have owned german shepherds for the last 25 yrs and couldn't believe that anybody would have ever given me up. Mom & Dad had just put their 13 yr old GSD down and were looking for a new companion. They originally were going to purchase a new dog from the breeder they had dealt with in the past, but after rescuing an abused Belgian Malinois years ago, they wanted to give it another try because it was so rewarding. My daddy found GSRA on his computer, and next thing you know, they found ME....and I found THEM! It was love at first sight. I'm happy to tell you that I am living life to the fullest, and my parents are so proud of me...they say I'm so smart, loving and aim to please at all times! My daily life consists of morning walks, playing ball & frisbee, riding in the truck, getting cozy in their bed and even get to go to the beach some.....FUN!!! Thanks again to the GSRA for their awesome truly takes special, dedicated people.

Fritzy & Shaun's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


My husband and I had been wanting a dog for some time. We were trying to decide between Fritzy and Shaun and ended up getting both of them. Although Fritzy will be 10 years old in September, she has the energy of a puppy. I take her running with me and she has even done a 5K race with me. Shaun at 6 years old is a lot more laid back, but boy is he cuddly. This picture is taken at a park in Ohio with a self timer. My husband ran over to get in the picture with us, then Shaun started liking my husband's face and Fritzy is looking at Shaun.

Zappalig's (Zap) Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


Zap & I came together in April; he needed a home and I needed a dog after losing my precious Mack. Zap came in to my home as a foster-to-adopt, and I had a month to decide if he was for me, or if I would help him find his forever home. After a week the decision was made...his home was with me. When the month mark came, I couldn't imagine giving him up. I adore him & I believe he feels the same.

Zap and I decided to be a foster home for GSRA; to honor the memory of my Mack, and in appreciation for this rescue in bringing Zap & I together.

Ursula's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


We found our friend as a puppy at a local GSRA adoption event about two years ago. At that time, she was referred to as "The Puppy with the Pink Collar" to distinguish her from her 3 litter mates. We established a connection immediately at the event, and knew "this is the one." So we drove to Kernersville, where she was being fostered by a GSRA volunteer, and brought her home.

We chose the name Ursula, becasue "Ursa" means she-bear, like the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor in the sky. She looked like a little brown bear as a puppy. And we thought Ursa (which is what we call her) was a good sounding German name.

As an adult, now Ursa is as gentle and smart as anyone could ask for. We are currently using her as a therapy dog with a child who has autism. Because of her gentle and submissive nature, Ursa is a natural at dealing with the extra challenges of being around the autistic kids we work with.

Ursa is now part of our pack, which includes a beagle named Pedro and another German shepherd named Stormy. The photo here is one of Ursa boxing with Pedro, celebrating the first time she had seen snow.

Ursa sleeps on the floor on her Kong "Chew Proof" gigantic doggie bed mattress... or sometimes she sneaks her 100-pound bear self up into the bed and sleeps by my side. She eats the best food we can afford and I built an outdoor fence and dog houses for her to be outside during the day. I also installed a big pet door in the kitchen so she can go in and out of the house as she pleases.

We couldn't be happier with this canine, who picks up commands and understands what I say even if it is a new concept, she gets it the first time and doesn't forget. She's the best!!! Although I'm sure all dog people make that claim about their own canine too - in this case, it's the truth.

We are eternally grateful for GSRA.

Happy Trails,
~ Jeff and Ursula

Dexter's Happy Tail! - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu

Dexter HT


Dex is doing awesome! It feels like we’ve now adjusted to each others’ schedules and it’s been pretty smooth sailing. He’s definitely much more comfortable in the house, like he finally realizes it’s his home, and has starting “protecting” more with his bark every time someone approaches the house. We had a play date with a friend’s shepherd-rottweiler mix (also a male) and they were like two peas in a pod, never even a little scuffle. He still gets overexcited if we pass another dog when he’s on the leash (it seems like he feels like he has to be more protective on the leash), although he doesn’t react at all if the other dog doesn’t react to him – kind of like he matches whatever energy the other dog is giving him. But he’s still been the best running partner! I’ve also taken him out to RJ’s tennis academy a few times and he absolutely loves kids and is very gentle with them, which is great to watch. Every morni ng when my alarm goes off, he nudges me and kisses my face until I get up…not such a bad way to wake up! He is such a great dog, we really feel like we hit the jackpot with him. Thanks to everyone at GSRA, we’ve had such a good experience working with the rescue!

The Fearing Family


Cody's Happy Tail! - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu




Cody has been with me now for 6 months and has blossomed in coming out of his shell. We've made it through the heartworm treatment and gotten rid of the trifecta of intestinal worms. He continues to be a handsome boy and is now looks healthy after putting on some weight. It didn't take long for him to get that it was his new home and made himself comfy on the first night; but it took 4 months for him to decide to go upstairs (not sure if he was afraid of the steps or some past owner who didn't allow) but now has claimed the spare bedroom as his (how can I say no to that adorable face). 

He loves going to the dog park and his favorite play-date is the little dachshund across the street. He is just amazing with the little dogs and has even found a neighborhood cat that will play with him (really!). It is amazing to see him experience new things and learn to not be afraid (still working on the snowman, though) and his level of confidence has flourished. He loves just sitting out in the yard watching everything taking it all in. I am pretty sure he realizes he hit the jackpot in his new home but I have also hit the jackpot in finding this wonderful little guy. Thanks to everyone at GSRA for hooking me up with Cody - both of our lives are much better because of it. 

The Zane Family

Tonto's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu



Dear Foster Mom,

It has been almost 2 years since we adopted Tonto from you. I don't have any new adventures to report just a simple observation. Tonto was sleeping the other day and as I watched him...I actually thanked God that he was my dog. I can't express in words exactly how happy I am to have Tonto but I think you will come the closest to understanding. He is such a good boy and I feel truly blessed to have him in my life. I love this dog!!!!!!!Thank you for sharing him with me. More adventures will surely follow....


Tonto and Family


Jack's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu



A diamond in the rough...

We saw JACK on on the GSRA website and fell in love, we had been considering a 3rd dog for some time, but just couldn't find the right one. We asked to meet him and his foster mommy brought him to us, he was a sweetie- very shy and scared, but you could see his potential. Jack came to stay with us permanently in August - he fit right in, our other dogs showed him the ropes and he and his be brother Bennie play all day and all night if we would allow it. Jack has been working on his doggie manners - he has found it hardest to try and take a time out from play when Bennie is tired. He is learning to walk calmly on his leash - that's a tough one too when there are distractions - squirrels!!

He has fattened up and put on 15 lbs and finally has enough hair on his tail to make it bushy. He has learned to love dinner time and know his older sister, Jerry, is a great "watch dog". She always knows when it is TIME for dinner and gathers the troops to remind us.

JACK is coming out of his shell and finding that all those scary things are not so bad - even the snow had him confused for the first day.

Thank You everyone for helping us find JACK!!!!

The Clement Family


Dorrie's Happy Tail- click to return to the Happy Tail Menu



Dorrie is doing very well. She is adjusting to her new home nicely. She eats very well and chews a rawhide with our other dog every night. She's a good hugger too! She's a great car rider and makes herself comfortable wherever we are. She is starting to feel more comfortable outside so she doesn't need to be within three feet of us at all times.

We have had my son's dog, Sami, visiting with us for the last couple of weeks. At first Dorrie didn't want her to be here, but now has warmed up to her quite well. Sami is young and can run circles around both of our dogs. Dorrie likes chasing Sami all around the property, and is getting plenty of exercise.

We are very pleased with Dorrie, she is such a sweetie, and appreciate not having to train another puppy!

Raeuber Family


LUCY'S HAPPY TAIL- click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


We wanted you to see Lucy on one of our recent hikes up at Table Rock. She loves hiking and playing in the water. Lucky for us, the path back down allowed her to dry. We'll make sure to carry towels with us from now on.

We really do not know much about Lucy's background before coming to live with us, but Ramona and I suspect that she may have once had a litter of puppies. Lucy has a squeaky toy that is in the shape of a small dumbell, that she just loves. when it squeaks, she makes noises like the toy is a baby or something. Lucy is full of energy and very smart. You only have to tell her something once for her to catch on. She learns fast and is very eager to please. She still has a few anxieties and will chew anything cotton. Because of this, we crate her at night for her own safety to keep her from eating things that she should not eat. We wouldn't want any more rounds of HGE. Her favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is to jump in the ved and wallow on me. No morning can begin without a good wallowing. It is a must for her and for me. Lucy loves to hike and if the trail runs by a stream, that makes it even better. We just make sure to take lots of towls. Reno, my Weimaraner, is really enjoying having Lucy as his new sissy. Just as he did with Morgan, he is letting Lucy be the boss. -Kim and Ramona


CHLOE'S HAPPY TAIL- click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


Adopted Chloe early 2010, from what I know she had been moved from one house to another before her first birthday before GSRA of Raleigh NC got her. She was most insecure with us when she came to her new adoptive home. She growled when you were trying to wash her since she seemed to not understand you were taking care of her, but since several baths over several months, she has not growled, she understands that she is being cared for.

She missed her calling since she would have been a great K9 drug dog, her nose is always towards the ground and she is in full motion zigzagging around the yard keeping track where that squirrel went hours before staying much focused on the task. She loves to chase bugs buzzing and shadows cased on the ground by butterflies. She plays ball and fetc with great intensity. When I work on my car, on my back under it, she is laying at my feet making sure I use the right wrench, and do the job right. She is always at my feet, and wants to shake paw to hand all the time since I taught her that one…like it is our thing - high 5. Seems I cannot watch Animal Planet since she gets too involved in the program, growling and barking at the critters they show, but she enjoys TV time with me, first dog I ever had tp show so much interest in my programming. She has a very keen hearing since at night she can hear something walking by the house and will tell me something is out there, crooks beware. She loves her brother Skywaker, and has brought much youth back into his life. They chatter back and forth, when they are outside it is so comical listening to them yap back and forth to one another. Skywalker makes motions of playing tag which Chloe darts around avoiding him. She is a joy, and is very much loved, she snuggles close to me when I sleep, and has learned not to disturb the master until he stirs of a morning. She has learned her place…


OZZIE'S HAPPY TAIL - click to return to the Happy Tail menu


This handsome man came to us as our 2nd foster, he was at the Animal Protection Society in Durham and originally named Harold. We took him in and named him Ozzie. And wouldn't you know it, the name totally suits him, he's a crazy rock star! Guesstimated age was 1 year, but I think he was more like 9 or 10 months. He started out totally unruly, but with a super huge sweet streak, and sadly heartworm positive. We saw him thru his treatments and had made it thru with flying colors. We began working on basic obedience, getting him ready for posting on the GSR&A website. But the more we worked with him, the more we realized what a absolutely fantastic dog we had on our hands.

He eased so nicely into our pack, it was a perfect fit with our 3 year old female dalmatian mix, Sally and 2 year old female german shepherd, Hiro. We realized we couldn't bring ourselves to give him up, Ozzie had found his forever home already. With us. 

It baffles my mind how someone could so easily give this guy up. And why? Which is the main reason why I am so proud to be a foster for GSR&A. Someone there to save these wonderful animals, because all they really need is love and guidance. Ozzie has grown so much in the few short months we've had him. He's so smart, all he needed was a chance to prove it. 

Well, that's my Happy Trail about a dog named Ozzie. Thank you to GSR&A for telling us about him, and thank you to all the Fosters and Adopters who give these wonderful dogs another chance. 

Wag more, Bark Less:-)
~Alex and John

BELLA'S HAPPY TAIL - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu



Bella is our perfect companion. We love her!!!!

The Pastorino Family


Gideon's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


About 5 years ago my husband and I wanted to adopt and German Shepard. The rescue knew we were looking and what we were looking for. They called us and told us they had a special case if we were interested. A little fella named Gideon needed a forever home. He was abused to the point we are not familair with his entire story am I'm kinda glad because I don't think I could stand to know what happened to him. He was scarred around his face and had a puncture wound on his back neck area. When he came to meet me, he stayed with his foster mom then acme and sat next to me and stayed there. We all decided he knew this was his home. At first he would not come out of his crate without using the bathroom on himself because of fear. He as so scared of everyone and everything all he wanted was to be in his crate. Now he stays in the bedroom pretty much but that is HIS ROOM. He barks at all who enter but the Mommy. His Mommy is his world. I have never had an amimal love me so much even my precious Pearl who left me in July. He must me beside me touching me looking at me or near me or he will put his head under the bed like an ostritch. He and my husband play and he gives the sweetest kisses and love. Last winter we adopted a little sassy thing named Daphne. Gideon thinks she was a gift for him and they are long lost soul mates. They are blessings to me and my husband and we love them dearly. Gideon still has people issues but is no where near the scared abused baby that was first brought to our home.

 The Mooney Family


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It has been almost a year since Caleb joined our family and what a wonderful year it has been. Within days we realized that he has the most wonderful way of talking, especially when the alarm clock sounds in the morning:) Caleb and our older dog, Jake, spent several weeks trying to establish their place with each other but finally they settled their differences and now can be found playing/wrestling all over the house. Even though Caleb was five when we adopted him he doesn't seem to have outgrown his puppyness, both in looks and playfullness. He loves his time with the water hose which has become almost a daily routine. He has taken to traveling and camping with us without any problems at all and knows exactly when we are packing up to head out for the weekend. Caleb has been such a welcome addition to our family and always brings a smile to our faces just by being his "goofy" self.

I wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience we have had with GSRA from the moment we submitted our application a year ago to today! Without all of you we wouldn't have found our "forever" dog in Caleb. Thank you!

The Values
(Jason, Sarah, Jake, and Caleb)

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Honey (formerly Known as Hazel) became a part of our family in July 2009. Honey joined our family after the tragic loss of our 3 year old lab pit mix to a seizure disorder. Our other dog grieved terribly and our vet told us we needed to adopt another dog ASAP. We wanted to go with a rescue as we believe strongly in adoption and came upon your organization. We drove to an adoption fair and met Honey and her Foster Mom Erika and we picked Honey up the following week. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and our other dog Willie just loves his sister. Honey is doing our deceased dog Miles proud by tormenting her feline sister which was one of his favorite past-times. You have a wonderful organozation and volunteers. The attached picture is Honey and her brother Willie at Halloween last year.

Thank you 
Todd and Erica Soderberg

Stevie's Happy Tail - click to return to th e Happy Tail Menu 


Stevie's original story...

A wise man named Howard Salzman once said:

"Retirement is not a time to sleep, but a time to awaken to the beauty of the world around you and the joy that comes when you cast out all the negative elements that cause confusion and turmoil in your mind and allow serenity to prevail."

I met a very special boy named King(aka Stevie now) at the shelter this week and his eyes told me that HE was ready for retirement.  Earlier this week when his people packed him in the car and took him for a ride, he wondered where he was headed and why they were telling him Bye.  But, he guessed that he had worked hard these past 8 or 10 years to make his people happy, to always be there when they needed him, to protect them from the bad things in this world and it was just time for him to retire.  I could see that he didn't quite understand why his retirement meant a bunch of barking dogs and a cold floor at the local shelter.  He wondered if he had let someone down or not been the best dog he could be.  THIS couldn't be his retirement home...could it??  As I kneeled down beside him and stroked his head, I told him that this was not the retirement home for him.  He deserved better.  I told him that GSRA was here for him and we would make sure that this would not be his last memory of this world. 

So, guys, I'm writing to you tonight to see who out there might be willing to open up your home for a bit and give King a chance at a happy retirement.  We are guessing thatstevieafter2 he is between 8 and 10 years old and needs some TLC.  Right now he is thin as a whisper and has pretty stiff hips and back.  We are thinking that some slow steady exercise and good food should do wonders for him though!  On the bright side, he is already neutered and only by an act of heartworm negative!!  The folks that surrendered him noted that he is good with kids, cats, and dogs and we think its a good possiblity that all of that is true!  He's just a pretty cool dude who just wants a safe place to rest his head.

Alrighty...Don't make a liar out of me...let's get King out of there!!  I'll be sitting here waiting for those fingers to hit the keyboard..... Just look at that sweet face, now how can you resist?  :-)



NOW...Fast forward a little over 3 months... Stevie has now been in his loving home for about a month now and he is just doing absolutely fantastic. :-)  He no longer resembles a dog in "recovery" but exudes the appearance and aura of a well loved GSD!!!  I just had to share after seeing his picture today with his bestest new buddy, "his boy" .  



What a fabulous "before and after" that this guy had.... Thank you GSRA for your love and support.  You really do great works to bring great dogs together with great families!  :-)  :-)  :-)






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Lady came to us very traumatized and scared. Her ribs were showing along with her backbone. Her progress was three steps forward and two back as I would say. Here is her progress in one years time.

When she came she wouldn't eat her breakfast inside she was afraid, I had to put it out on the deck just outside the door. She now eats her breakfast inside, but every morning I need to "tell her" to sit and then tap the bowl and say it's okay to eat. At night no problem she eats normally and knows to sit when I hold the bowl up high, it's just for breakfast, go figure. 

She was a REAL velcro dog. She still is, but now she will go downstairs while I'm up on the computer and even go outside without me. She stopped biting my husband Gerard on the ankles when he came upstairs in the computer room. She is wary of him still when he comes in, and will lay by me but has stopped the biting.
She used to come inside whenever he went out in the backyard this has stopped, she will come in check on me and then goes back outside.  When he would pick up the skimmer for the pool or have anything in his hands she would back away, this has stopped.  She would never go out when HE opened the back door but now she does. She will always come in about every 10 minutes to be sure I'm still here and haven't evaporated then go back out again.

She is EXTREMEly obedient. So much so, when I'm calling Rudy and of course, Rudy needs more than one call, Lady comes. She doesn't like raised voices. Lady would not take treats from Gerard, she will now, but has to run around the table nervously and then stretches her neck out to take the end of the milk bone. He is very patient with her. She will go over to him for scratching BUT only if he is sitting on the couch. If he is standing she backs away.  If he tells Lady to come it makes her VERY nervous and she will run, I tell him to use other words like, here Lady or such.  

The fights between Rudy and Lady have all but disappeared. I am very aware of the energy level and try and keep it down as Lisa told me. Lady still thinks all the toys are hers and doesn't want anyone in her bed. 

Lady it seems requires a quiet household. She doesn't like loud speaking or shouting. We had a new roof installed a short time ago and with the men in the backyard and climbing ladders she was stressed. She didn't eat for a day and a half. As I told you before she is an excellent watch dog and didn't like all these strangers climbing on her house, in her backyard and hammering on her roof.

She still has a way to go but all the stress lines in her face are gone and she does smile. We are very patient with her. She will "come along" in her own good time. I am so happy we have her and can give her the care and love she needs and deserves.

Well if I haven't put everyone to sleep yet, I hope you enjoyed this update.  

Hugs, warm wags and slurpy kisses, 

Lady and Rudy 

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Stella has settled in great here. She & Star still have the “I’m the big dog” gruffs once in awhile and she’s thinking that the new kitten is a wind-up chew toy. LOL, no worries, he holds his own w/ her and they’ve come to an understanding.


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This Happy Tail was sadly lost due to a technical issue. If you sent in this happy tail, please email the webmaster at and we will fix this immediately.


Miss Jessie's Happy Tail - click to return to the Happy Tail Menu


Miss Jessie’s Happy Tail Ending, a Love Tale

This is the story of Miss Jessie’s adoption. Jessie was called “Jess” by her foster mothers Jen Hall and Rabecca McKenzie. Now, Jessie is known as Miss Jess Mackenzie-Hall. We name our dogs after their foster people. Her adoption was started on April 4, 2010 which was Easter. Jess was adopted by Bea, Chuck, and 7 year old Aussie Shepherd boy dog Oz Clark. Four days after the adoption, Jess was accepted by our 9 year old female Aussie Shepherd Sheila Starkey-Davis. By mid May, Rabecca and Jen agreed to finalize the adoption, the trail was over. Jess became our family member, and permanent resident in Pittsboro, and by Jordon Lake.

Oz, who is a real ladies man, came to us in 2008 at the age of 5. He had never been in a forever home. Oz’s adoption was two weeks after the passing of our beloved elder GSD. The economy was tanked, dogs were in need, and we were grieving. We asked Aussie Rescue to send us the one most in need. Although very well loved by his new foster family for a year, it took two years for Oz to feel secure with us. Once Oz felt happy and secure, we knew we ready to adopt again. We missed the big booming voice of a GSD. Also, we missed the constant vocalizations and downright trickery that characterize GSDs. Also we hoped that a new addition would be Oz’s playmate. The biggest obstacle we had was Oz’s lack of social skills.

Chuck and Bea began a program of trying to increase Oz’s social skills through play dates and visits to the dog park. Out in the country, we do not have daily social contact with other dogs. We have other things like chasing deer, birds, squirrels, possum, swimming, and trail running. We applied to GSD Rescue. Eric Cusack and his GSD Freud did a home visit and gave their approval even though Oz was still a work in progress.

Rabecca McKenzie read our application and called. Our fist meeting took place in our home. Jess was brought from over 90 miles to meet us on Feb 28, 2010. Bea loved Jess the moment Jess got out of her truck. It was obvious that Jess was dearly loved. Jess was emotionally stable, and beautifully fit. Later we found out that Jess was dearly loved by the Jen Hall pack, and by the Rabecca McKenzie pack. These packs educated Jess well. Our first meeting was about four hours. Oz was an ass to Jess, and took a running herd poke at Rabecca. Still, Jen and Rabecca thought Oz was interested in Jess and decided to give us another chance. They left taking Jess. It was a very long day for the foster mothers because they went out on a rescue after spending all afternoon with us.

Oz stepped up his “social studies”. After several weeks we went to visit the McKenzie farm. Oz went into the yard to meet the pack. After a few tense minutes of greeting the McKenzie dogs, Oz fell into the pack and had an excellent play. While Oz still had work to do, Rabecca saw the progress. By then we were in committed love with the little bottom of the pack, care free Jess. Oz also had shown special interest in Jess.


Our second visit to Rabecca’s was April 4th, Easter Sunday. Chuck went into the yard first with treats in his pocket. Jess put her snout up Chuck’s pants trying to get a treat.