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Fostering is the very foundation of our organization. Without the generous foster families who open their homes to a GSD in need, we would not be successful at saving so many GSDs

We take into acccount your home environment and schedule when matching you with a foster dog. The rescue provides all the supplies and services required to care for your new temporary family member.

If you live in North Carolina, please consider fostering, these dogs are on very tight deadlines - so we need to move quickly. If interested, please take a moment to fill out our Foster Application.


Fostering is not for you? We have plenty of opportunities for volunteers. Whether you want to work with the dogs directly or not, we have job for you. Some of our volunteers do the following: work tables at events, help with dogs at events, answer emails, help with applications, work on different areas of the website, go on home visits, help with sponsorship, assess dogs, the list goes on!  We need volunteers to make this organization run. Please considered becoming a volunteers. If interested, please take a moment to fill out our Volunteer Application

Wish List

We thank you for visiting our wish list. We are always in need of services and supplies that are important for the success of our rescue. If you have an item that you feel would benefit our worthy cause please contact us. You can also stop by in person at any of our area events.



  • Crates: extra large (#500) giant (#700)
  • Dog Beds
  • Dog-safe toys and chews (i.e. Large Size Kongs)
  • Collars: Nylon adjustable size 26" or bigger
  • Leashes 3' or 6'
  • Dog food (kibble)
  • Dog treats and biscuits
  • Dog dishes (metal preferred)
  • Grooming supplies: brushes, shampoo, etc.
  • Flea and tick control products(Frontline 45-88 lbs. and 89-132 lbs.)
  • HeartGuard or Interceptor (55 lbs. + )
  • Clean blankets, towels, sheets, rugs
  • Plastic kiddie pools (GSDs love the water)

Services & Misc.

  • Foster homes
  • Volunteers
  • Veterinary services
  • Low-cost or no-cost dog boarding facilities
  • Short-term boarding for dogs just rescued from local shelters
  • Transportation of dogs between locations
  • Pick-up of dogs rescued from local shelters
  • Advertising
  • Locations to hold fundraisers
  • Monetary donations
  • Gift Certificates to PetSmart or other pet supply stores
  • Office Supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gas cards